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Cheerleader Report!

My heart races, I hear the yelling and screaming, and I'm sweating despite the cold air outside. Yes, I am in Cameron where the fans are notoriously crazy and the temperature is always 30 degrees warmer than it is outside. It's basketball season!!! As you can tell, basketball is my favorite sport, and always has been. Nothing compares to the "last second shot" and more importantly, the Cameron Crazies.

Coming off of last year's great outcome, it's hard to imagine having another season that can top that. But, what better way to do that than win another championship? Well, easier said than done. As I've mentioned before, the cheerleaders get an entirely different perspective while sitting on the court or the field. During tournament play, when we sit next to our bench, we actually get to hear what Coach K is yelling to the refs! Now if that isn't a
privilege of being a cheerleader, than I don't know what is=) But seriously, you can hear what the players yell to each other, and you have the higher risk of being stepped on/crashed into by the players on the court. I'm not complaining though. I love it! Nothing gets my adrenaline pumping more than a Duhon leap into the crowd to save the ball. We also get to see how a team that graduates two starters can change...dramatically.

This year's team seems to have a different dynamic than the rest. You have the presence of young players who seem to play a little more quicker and flashy than last year's team. However, there are advantages as well as draw-backs to this as well. Without getting into them, and writing a long 20 page essay about that, I'll leave that up to the readers to discuss.

I guess I will end this with a hearty thank you and a compliment. Thank you all for being so energetic and I am so proud to see how our school can come together, even if it's just 2 hours, to make fun of another team, and better yet, support the best one in the country. Also, thank you to the readers who said they missed my column and want to hear more of all rock! See you at the next game.