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ACC Roundup

Emotion is a hard thing to resist in basketball, and Wake may get hit with a
major dose of anger when
they visit Kansas
. You'll remember last year, Wake just destroyed Kansas.
It's likely to be the other way around this time, not that that's a knock on
Wake. It's not. But Kansas will be fuming; they have been for a full

What Are They Smoking?
NC State Duke
Prairie View Seton Hall
San Jose State South Carolina
ECU Ball State
JMU Portland
Citadel Iowa
Ohio State Temple
UMass Michigan
Wofford NC A&T
Syracuse Kentucky
UNC-A San Diego State
Charleston Southern Davidson
Houston Boston College
Temple St. John's

However, give the Deacs credit for going out there. Some ACC schools
would never dare. Take State for instance. We heard a few minutes of Herb
Sendek's radio show, and we heard Sendek say that his team's style was
"arguably as exciting as any team's in the country." What planet
is he on? Whatever planet it is, it's in closer orbit than the one that
Don Schea is on. The former WTVD sports guy actually said that State's
non-conference was as good as Duke's. That's pretty ridiculous for a
school that played Prairie View in the BCA and then complained the schedule
was too hard.

Sagarin, incidentally, ranks Duke's schedule as the 12th toughest; State is
pegged at #253. Bear in mind that Duke's strength of schedule is affected
significantly by Duke's top-5 ranking: when Duke is on State's schedule, it
makes a big impact. But when Duke sees, say, Kentucky on theirs, it
doesn't have as big an impact.

The Herald-Sun has
an article up on Brian Morrison.
Is it possible he hadn't dunked until the
last game? Wow. This kid is seriously athletic. It's amazing he didn't throw one
down for 36 games. He can really get off the floor.

Michael Wilbon says that the
Terps have passed their early tests,
but Alan Goldenbach says that inconsistency
is their trademark thus far.
beat UConn to win the BB&T Classic.
Say what you want (and
you might add that Duke's not been much more consistent than Maryland in some
ways), but all ACC fans should be happy that the ACC is the dominant presence
again in the D.C./Baltimore area. It hurt us all when Georgetown was the
more powerful school there.