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ACC Roundup

To us, the State-Maryland game raised a basic question: is Maryland less than expected, or is State better than expected? Tentatively,
give that call to State
. If you can hold Maryland to 6 field goals in the second half, you are tough.

Impressively, they forced Juan Dixon into nine turnovers. State could have won but is probably still too young to know how to close the deal. Nonetheless, an impressive performance.

Incidentally, for the last couple of games, Maryland has basically gone with a 7 man rotation. Think they’re missing Danny Miller now?

After a disastrous start to the season, UNC has won three straight with Sunday’s win over Texas A&M. UNC gets Wake Saturday, and somehow lately, that game seems to be really, really key to both teams. This year it is as well.

Uva beat Grambling, like that matters.