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Mrs. FITS Gets Confused By The Ramblin' Wreck!

Your friendly FITSter will be the first to admit that Mrs. FITS isn't
exactly up to snuff on all the details and nuances of ACC hoops; so when
Her Extreme Loveliness wandered into the living room last night during the
UNC- Ga. Tech game, pointed at the screen and inquired "So who's that
Ramblin' Wreck in front of the Tar Heel bench," FITS could only conclude
that Mrs. FITS was confused.

"No, honey," replied your patient purveyor of polished prose. "UNC is the
Tar Heels, and Georgia Tech is the Ramblin' Wreck."

"No, dear," squawked The Missus, "The sixty year-old guy," as she clearly
pointed one of her six lovely legs at none other than Tar Heel mentor Matt

"THAT Ramblin' Wreck!"

Well, your nattering nabob of negativism soon understood the confusion, as
he beheld Mad Matt of the Dean Dome, maniacally pacing the sidelines.

"They should get the poor old guy some Valium," muttered Mrs. FITS before
disappearing into the kitchen.

But Mrs. FITS wasn't finished with her keen observations quite yet. A few
minutes later she popped into the room and wanted to know why "If the Tar
Heels hate Duke so much, how come their students are bouncing up and down
like the Duke students? Can't they think of anything original."

"And that Jawad Williams guy just slapped the floor," noted Mrs. FITS, as
the Tar Heels began what could loosely be called a sequence of "defense,"
"I guess it just goes to show that imitation is the sincerest form of