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ACC Roundup

UNC finally won one, coming back to beat
Georgia Tech in Chapel Hill.
Matt Doherty and Art Chansky are excited
to be in first place in the ACC,
but it's a meaningless distinction since a)
they are tied, not in sole possession, b) no one else has played yet except
Duke, and c) Kentucky looms. Kentucky is not an ACC team, but they do
provide a reality check.
So does Ron Green, Sr.
Lenox Rawlings also has an
interesting take on the game.
Tech felt like they
had the game and let it slip away.
Paul Hewitt questioned
the fairness of the officiating.

In Raleigh, meanwhile, at least some fans are getting restless
as State
continues to play the way State has played the last few years,
which is to say not so State-like.

Maryland struggled before
putting Princeton away
, but Princeton does that to a lot of people. Here's more
from the Sun
. After losing to Arizona and struggling with Princeton,
and with Duke not playing that well either, you could make an argument now for
Missouri being ranked #1.