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ACC Roundup

A few quick notes on results from yesterday's action in the ACC:

The Maryland Terps thumped visiting William & Mary, 103-75,, with five Terps scoring in double figures. It was Maryland's 83rd consecutive victory at Cole over a non-conference opponent. Impressive. It was also the 65th straight non-Duke game that the fans felt compelled to wear "F**k Duke" t-shirts even though Duke was not the opponent.

North Carolina raised its record to 4-5 after dismantling Curtis Hunter's woeful (1-8) North Carolina A&T squad by a 104-66 score. After the game, Matt Doherty remarked, "It was fun to sit on the sidelines and watch it and not have to work too hard." Does that mean the key to Tar Heel victories is for Doherty not to try to coach? :)

Meanwhile, FSU raised their record to .500 with a 78-49 home court victory over Virginia Tech. The football game probably would have been more interesting.