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DBR Christmas Wishes!

Since it's Christmas time, we here at DBR thought we'd spread some good cheer
through the college ranks.

  • For Rick Pitino, solace after losing loved ones recently, including one at
    the WTC in September.
  • For Gene Keady, a reunion with his long-lost brother, Deputy Dawg.
  • For Roy Williams, a new typewriter, since he's worn out his old
    Smith-Corona with letters to commissioners and officials.
  • For Billy Donovan, an elite recruit in, say, Bora Bora he can fly in to
    wave to once or twice a week.
  • Herb
    Sendek got his present early.
    Don't forget to thank Melvin, Herb!
  • For Steve Lavin, no more Chinese curses (may you live in interesting
  • For Kris Lang, a razor.
  • For Lute Olson, a Merry Christmas with family since he won't have Bobbi
    there this year.
  • For Brad Daugherty, his own car #43.
  • For Crazy Towel Guy, a new schtick. Please.
  • For Gary Williams, more grandkids. It seems to do him good.
  • For the College Park police, video cameras to watch the student section in
    Maryland's new gym. Keeping them all confined in one area should make
    it easier to arrest the jerks (and harder to throw bottles at the opposing
    team's bench as well, since they'll be behind a basket).
  • For Lefty Driesell, a miracle run to the Final Four (but not through
    Duke's bracket).
  • Same for Chaney.
  • For Bob Knight, a chance to reprove himself.
  • For Dave Odom, to find South Carolina more than a basketball backwater
    which is regularly overrun by UK and Arkansas.
  • For Buzz Peterson, a healthy attitude from his team.
  • For Jason Capel, a jumpshot.
  • For Tamir Goodman, a place to play ball without a circus following.
  • Just a few bonus minutes with Al McGuire.
  • For Kenny Smith, a good comeback for a change when he is taunted.
  • For Trajan Langdon, a spot on the Lakers as a 3 specialist.
  • For DevilMomma: one more kid!
  • For Steve Robinson: a resume workshop.
  • For Darius Miles: an introduction to Nate Newton.
  • For Matt Doherty: directions to Effigy.
  • For Mike Dunleavy: that elusive date with Britney Spears.
  • For Dickie V - working a few games without a paycheck. Hey, it was his
    idea. He keeps bringing it up.
  • For Coach K: a pair of back-to-backs!