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ACC Roundup

A different game for the Tar Heels as they
defeat #18 St. Joe's in Charlotte
. UNC shot much
better than they have all year
, and played with some confidence. It's worth
noting that UNC played without Lang, and St. Joe's played without star Marvin O'
Connor, who was injured, and also lost another starter when he was accused of
throwing a punch at Melendez.

Hawks coach Phil Martelli
expressed reservations about the officiating,
particularly a really dumb
exchange: after three throws and technical free throws, the refs ruled they had
been done in the wrong sequence and should be shot again Talk about weird.

Doherty said got his team loose by
shooting around
and joking with them.

Some UNC fans got to see future Heel Raymond Felton play
for the first time as well.
He's been compared to Allan Iverson.
Wow, that's high praise. No one has been put in that class since...hmmmm...Ron

Ok, just kidding.

Charlotte has a couple of articles up on Felton, one saying that he could
start for UNC tomorrow, and the
other a general rundown.

Wake went back to New York and got
abused again
. This team could do some damage if they held on to the ball and
played solid D. That's really too bad.

Clemson stayed home and got a holiday cupcake
when Charleston Southern came to town.

The doctor was in the house as American knocked off FSU. Behind Patrick
Doctor, the Eagles wouldn't quit, and so they got a huge win. Congrats to
them, and to former UVa coach Jeff Jones.