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ACC Roundup

Kris Lang has
sprained his knee
and his status for Friday's game against Charleston is
undetermined. Tough blow for UNC. He's become their key player and is
doing a reasonable job of leading a team under very trying circumstances.

In other news UNC, some people are cautiously testing the waters before they
jump ship. Eddy Landreth had some fairly harsh things to say recently, but Art
Chansky really goes after Doherty in this piece.

Wake had a
holiday cupcake
when St. Francis came to town. State
had their own when Charleston Southern came by
, and a whopping 8,652 fans
came to see it.

The Post has a piece up on the
classic matchup between Patrick Ewing and Ralph Sampson.
triple overtime game wasn't bad, either
. Rematch time!

Paul Hewitt says
his team has room to improve
, and while
knocking off Davidson isn't an epic achievement,
we know some schools who
wish they could do it. FSU also
knocked off Cleveland State.
Is Massimino still there?

We were a bit remiss yesterday in not
linking to a story about Thad Williamson.
An (infrequent) contributor to
this site, we have a lot of respect for Thad, and wish his book well.