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One Loss, One Anniversary In The Duke Family

Two life events to talk about in the Duke family, one sad, one an occasion to

The sorrow first: Mark sent us this e-mail:

Duke lost a big fan on Sunday with the death of Dick Patton in Charlotte. Dick and his brother, Dave, were statisticians for Duke basketball and football for over 30 years (Dave still runs the scoreboard for the basketball games). Dick was always upbeat, and he loved the University. I'm sure you will join me in expressing condolences to the Patton family.

We are sorry to hear that.

On a brighter note, long-time Duke fans Jim and Jacqueline Robins celebrated
their 50th anniversary before the Clemson game. They are lovely people who
have had more than their fair share of terrible tragedy in recent years. Yet
they endure it with grace and humility that only the devout can summon.
Here's hoping they make it to their 75th!