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AT&T Complaints!

Steve asked us to pass this on.

Hey guys,

Love the site. Wondering if you'd publicize info for Atlanta area Dukies
and ACC fans, whose major cable TV provider, AT&T Broadband, foolishly
decided not to pick up the Fox Sports South Sun. night telecasts of ACC and
SEC games due to the extra fees charged by Fox (despite their willingness to
hike our cable fees anyway this month).

I encourage all Duke and other ACC fans to complain loudly and repeatedly to
AT&T, as follows:

Phone: (770) 559-7680 (This is a recording where they try to blame it all on
Fox but do allow you to leave a message).

(The email I sent bounced back
probably because their box is full, but this is the right address.)

We've also received the number for Steve Whote, the president of AT&T Broadband in Atlanta. If you chose to call him, please be polite; your comments are much less likely to be ignored that way. His number is (770) 559-2955.