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Predictable But Unfortunate

There is some howling coming from the general direction of Lexington about the
officiating, with some particular venom about the last drive Jason Williams made
in regulation (where he made one free throw and missed the second). After
looking at the tape, though, Prince actually may have committed three fouls on
that drive, though of course he could only be called for one:

  • He pushed Mike Dunleavy in the back when Dunleavy screened for Williams.
    Not like it was enough to push him down or anything, but handchecking is a
    point of emphasis, and Dunleavy did move - or rather, was moved.
  • Prince had his hand on Jason's left shoulder as he moved towards the
    basket. Again, you can't use your hands like that. Kentucky plays great defense, but we're sure when Tubby Smith breaks the film down, he'll point that out as a serious fundamental error.
  • When Jason went up, Prince did as well. In that situation, if there is
    contact, the foul is on the defender. If the defender holds his ground, it's
    a charge. If he initiates contact, it's a block.