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ACC Roundup

According to Ben Sherman, the real reason Neil Fingleton is leaving UNC is
not playing time but
homesickness for New England.
And speaking of former UNC big men,
looks like someone
finally found a way to motivate Brendan Haywood:
pay him.

In game-time type stuff, UVa
blew by Charleston Southern.
Somehow it seems to be slipping under the
radar, but half of the top six is from the ACC. Yes, Virginia, you are for real.
If you're not, Georgetown
will find out.

Wake Forest is steadily
more confident under Skip Prosser,
and the kids there think they are a
"great team." They're not yet, but they could be. FSU probably won't
be, and it
is wearing on Delvon Arrington
, one of Bob Hurley's St. Anthony's winners.

Clemson has a dangerous game tonight - Winthrop at Winthrop. It doesn't sound
so bad, but they've been a solid team lately and getting an ACC team at home is
just incentive.