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The Future Of This Site

We've hit a point in our growth which is awkward, and which a lot of other similar sites have gone through. Our growth has been consistent,
and we're thrilled about that, and about making a lot of new friends. E-mail is our best pal! We love getting it, so please, even if we don't answer,
we read it all. Anyway, back to the point at hand.

In Association with
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A brief history of this site: Julio was allowed to host it at a previous job for a time, but after that job ended, it had to move. A friend offered to host it, but it bogged down his ISDN line quickly. Another job offered to host it, but that became problematic
due to a conflict with a co-worker who wasn't happy about the site or about it being co-hosted there.

We had it on Mindspring briefly but the cost killed us. We started sponsorships at that point. That's when James stepped in and offered to host us on a free
account and became out third partner and technical guru.

We were happy in that arrangement, but through no fault of James, it didn't last, and so we had to go off and find a new host.

We found a home with a lot of advantages - close to where James lives, so he can work on the server, and so on. As of that point, however, we were having to pay
real money to host the site. Sports University contacted us, and for one year, we had ads. It was ok, even though the ads were kind of stupid and annoying.
We're not inherently opposed to ads, mind you, just stupid ads. Nonetheless, it paid the bills.

However, Sports University and our ads ran out at the beginning of the year, and our reserves are also running low. So we turn to you guys.

We do this whole deal ourselves, but we won't be able to afford to pay it indefinitely. So that explains the new buttons you see to your right.

We have set up accounts with PayPal and Amazon which allow you to help us keep this site running. If you have an Amazon account already, you can use
the Amazon button right now. PayPal is a bit more involved - you have to set up an account - but it's becoming a standard and is a useful tool beyond DBR. They also take a smaller cut, which is nice (neither company is doing it as a charitable enterprise, needless to say). The e-mail you'd send to via PayPal is

Also, if you'd prefer to contribute by check, you can send whatever you're comfortable with to this address:

Duke Basketball Report
14 Consultant Place, Suite 250
Durham, North Carolina 27707

We'd like to be here for a long time, but that means we have to pay the bills. We hope with your help to be able to continue doing that. Thanks again for all your support, kind words, and useful criticisms, and thanks in advance for any help you're willing to give.

One caveat: there may be bugs for a few days as we figure out what we're doing. Please bear with us.