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ACC Roundup

Break up the Pack! Suddenly, Herb Sendek's team
seems to have caught on.
Former Pack assistant-for-life
Eddie Biedenbach is impressed

And by the way, we're keeping our eye on
State recruit Adam Simons. He's big, he can shoot,
and he is the son of a coach. He's going to get better fast.

UNC is trying to figure outwhat to do with
Brian Morrison. Morrison says he has a hard time concentrating, and Bob Gibbons, after Morrison signed, told us why, claiming that Morrison has
ADD. We said at the time that might make it tough to master UNC's system.

Next up for UNC - Binghamton, which is coached by a former UNC assistant who ran the JV program once upon a time.

And speaking of UNC, the talk of Neil Fingleton leaving for Holy Cross is getting louder.

Skip Prosser says he's excited about starting the ACC season,
but the energy around an FSU game, to be honest, ain't that great.

Florida State is still searching for a go-to shooter
, so the local rag says.

It's not basketball, but
Tech may interview Terry Bowden
. Why don't the rest of the ACC schools just hire Bowdens and let them take over
the conference altogether? Life would be easier.

Clemson wasn't exactly en fuego vs. Elon yesterday, but
that happens a lot during exam breaks.