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ACC Roundup

>Here's more on Fingleton's
potential departure
from Chapel Hill. We must have miscounted the possible
scholarships next season; Barry Svrluga says UNC has five, six with Fingleton,
though the 5/8 rule limits UNC to five.

Next year, they lose four seniors and have signed three freshmen, if memory
serves. They have 11 players on scholarship, with 13 total grants. By our count,
that's three scholarships available, and four if Fingleton leaves.
Incidentally, Kris Lang may or may not play against Binghamton; he's still sick.

In Raleigh, Ned Barnett thinks that Anthony Grundy and Archie Miller are solid
enough to lead State to some significant successes
. We'll see.
They did a great job against Syracuse, but a not-so-great job in several other
games. State gets
Asheville today,
and while that's not a significant test, it is a chance to
see if they build on the Syracuse upset. Sendek says his
back is feeling better.

In College Park, Maryland's new arena will have a striking feature: one
side will be almost straight up.
That's to be the student section, and teams
will shoot into that in the second half, presuming they don't choose to pick the
other goal. It also doubles as a containment area for student hooligans,
not that Maryland has shown a lot of interest in cracking down on that sort of

And FSU is getting ready for their conference opener, this
year with Wake.