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ACC Roundup

Al Featherston has a
really flattering piece up on State's Julius Hodge,
which is definitely
worth a read.

In some other Pack news, Herb
Sendek is suffering from some serious back pain
. He almost passed out
in the UMass game. Tim Peeler speculates that he may have hurt it while
playing softball, but our money is on that goofy dancing he did last year. God
knows it hurt everyone else to see.

ESPN has a little ditty up to solicit comments from students
about their seats and experiences.
Dukies, go nuts! UNC students, Ron Curry
showed the way - you can call ESPN from the game on your cellphones and have a
pleasant conversation while the shoe squeaks echo from the top of the dome.

Some people live in a different world. IN the sevent grade, we lined up to
run and try and just touch the rim. Antwan
Scott was dunking - in fifth grade.