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No Point In Foolishness

This nonsense about Duke going undefeated - it's got to stop unless and until
it actually happens. It's bad mojo, like talking about a no-hitter. There
are plenty of teams which could stick it to Duke. Just look down the Top 25:

  • Maryland. Of course they could, and they certainly will be
  • Missouri. Who knows Duke better?
  • Kansas. Tough, quick, and excellent defense.
  • UVa. Heck yeah they could. They did last year.
  • Oklahoma State. Watch out for these guys. We're not big Eddie Sutton
    fans, but he's an excellent coach out of the Iba tradition.
  • Kentucky. That's such a heated and infrequent matchup. The
    hype in Lexington is going to be immense the next few days. On the
    other hand, Tayshawn Prince won't get any open 35 footers against Duke!
  • BC - they gave Duke a tremendous game in Cameron last year and get the
    rematch at home this year.
  • Stanford. Well, what can you say? They are 2-0 the last two years.
  • Wake Forest. They're ACC baby!
  • UNC. They're not really ACC level right now (nor Top 25), but neither was
    Duke in 1972, when they knocked off #3 UNC. That was a much bigger
    upset than UNC beating Duke would be this year.

There are probably others (Memphis), but those jump out as teams which could give Duke
fits. So live for the moment, and don't pursue perfection. You'll end up
in the self-help section otherwise. This team has tremendous potential, but if the standard is perfection, they'll be wandering the aisles as well. Let's just hope they have a great year, and anything beyond that is gravy.