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ACC Roundup

Former State star Phil Spence continues
to recover from a stroke.
He is expected back on the sideline at NCCU
before too very much longer. Good news, and best of luck to Coach Spence.

Speaking of State, Julius Hodge is catching on to the college game and seems
like a guy dedicated to winning.
By the way, when we said
Daniel Ewing was the best freshman we had seen in the ACC, we hadn't seen
State's Josh Powell play. He has a way to go to catch Ewing in the overall
smooth department, but Powell is putting on an impressive display as well.

In Tallahassee, FSU
is trying to recover from the disaster vs. Western Carolina.
downside to playing patsies is when they're not. That really hurts a team.

some overall conference notes
from The Sporting News.