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Lifer Lefty Moves Up To No. 3 All Time

to Lefty Driesell,
who has moved to a truly elite level in coaching history:
he's tied for third in the all-time win list. Dean Smith is still first,
of course, but Lefty is 112 behind, and Bob Knight, at #2, is 109 back.
Tark is just one behind Lefty.

There's no question in our minds that Lefty and Knight both want that
record. Lefty is 69, but Georgia State loves him, and he's only about four
years away from breaking it now. Knight is 61, and if he averages only 15
wins a year, he gets it in about seven seasons. If he averages 20, he'll get it
by normal retirement age, give or take a bit.

As a reader points out, the long-gone Adolph Rupp is on the list too, since Dean passed him to get to first, which means the Bluegrass Maestro would be in second. When we see a more reliable list, we'll update this again.