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ACC Roundup

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Syracuse is wondering if the might have beaten N.C. State
if Jim Boeheim had been on the bench,
but Boeheim probably wouldn't have
stopped State from shooting well, since they hadn't shot well against anyone
else: it must have just been their moment. Preston Shumpert had a hard
time dealing with the loss, apparently, and
is in some denial.

Former UVa assistant Bobby Gonzalez, who helped Pete Gillen get a great start
at UVa, is making a name for himself at Manhattan. After
knocking of St. John's, he is red-hot.
With some heat on Sendek,
Shyatt, and Robinson, he's a guy worth keeping an eye on.
So is Marquette's Tom Crean,
formerly a Tom Izzo assistant, who has the
Golden Eagles at 9-0.

Barry Jacobs says Clemson
is capable of making a move,
but not if Chris Hobbs and Ed Scott don't show
up every night.

Here's an excerpt from Thad
Williamson's new book on UNC basketball.
If you are so inclined, you can
order a copy online. Thad says to mention that he has some kind words for
Duke in the book as well. And Julius Peppers has made it official: no more hoops.