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A Fan Report From Crisler!

DBR Gods,

I was fortunate enough to be present at the Duke - Michigan game on
Saturday, and I thought I'd add a few comments to your summary, which is
always top-notch. I'm a Duke alum in a PhD program here at U of M and have
followed both teams closely over the years.

You failed to mention one of the more interesting aspects of the first
half, which was Dominic Ingerson's cocksure emergence off Michigan's bench.

He came in and shot a few 3s in the Duke guards faces, and seemed to taunt
Jason Williams after hitting a J, which is plain stupid after the first
half he
was having. So of course Jason Williams answered with more dribble
penetration and shut him up right before halftime. I'm sure Amaker wished
more players didn't drop their jaw at the sight of the Blue Devils. The
Michigan defense showed in spurts (not before it was out of hand), but they
have something to build on for the future... I'm sure pride was a
motivating factor.

The offense was obviously amazing, but the Duke defense had trouble in the
post. Lavell Blanchard (not Blanchell!) was straddled with foul trouble
the whole game, though he posted up Dunleavy repeatedly in the second half.
Chris Young played out of his mind and easily his best game ever,
though I wouldn't expect that kind of performance often... why a 50lb
weight advantage didn't help Boozer keep him off the block, I'll never

Double teaming him in the second half helped. However, Bernard Robinson
Jr., typically the 2nd best Wolverine on the floor, was completely shut
down by Dante Jones... amazing D! And Duhon/Williams squashed the Michigan
guards hopes early with their pressure D.

Other Notes: My small contingent of Duke alums were easily heard over the
comatose Michigan crowd for much of the game, people were simply
awestruck by the level of excellence of the Duke players. Tommy Amaker
never put his subs in at the end of the game, whittling away at the huge
to make it appear respectable and trying to build back self-confidence in
his starters... he only took Chris Young out to get him a standing O with
seconds remaining.

Go Devils! Thanks for the amazing game!

Mike O.