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ACC Roundup

Herb Sendek got offended when Ohio State's Jim O' Brien compared his offense
to Princeton's. Hey, doesn't he know State is a running team now? Well, that's
what they say they are anyway.
Herb gets another chance to prove it today,
with UMass coming to town.
His chances of getting a significant non-conference win are down to two - they
also play Syracuse later - and with the pitiful schedule State has,
the ESA has had plenty of extra seats.

In other ACC news, Lenox
Rawlings weighs in on the mess in Chapel Hill,
and Clemson is tuning up for
Sunday's game with Duke with
a romp over Coastal Carolina.
Like State, Clemson has gorged on cupcakes and
is 5-1, but has at least tossed a Big East team in there (though their official
site inexplicably
lists the game as a tie