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The Finest Duke Fans Of All

Football wraps up the season today at Clemson, and it's obviously been a
difficult year. We think for the most part, despite the frustration,
Duke's team has shown courage under difficult circumstances. Needless to say,
the seniors will graduate, in an enduring Duke tradition. But we'd like to take a minute to talk about something else, namely the Duke
football fan.

These people are remarkable. In spite of losing every
game (so far) for the last two years, they keep coming out, they stay positive,
and they pull like heck for Duke.

Duke football takes a lot of abuse these days, and when you don't win, that
will happen: just ask UNC basketball.

But while the crowds have dwindled at Duke, there is still a base there, and
somehow, someway, the athletic department should find someway to acknowledge
these people. It's easy to be a Duke basketball fan, but Duke football fans are
even more dedicated. That kind of loyalty cannot be taken for granted and
you can't put a price on it. But it should be recognized and it must be