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Battier Update!

We got this mail from Rob and Luann, who went to the game. Thanks!

Hey, everyone! We just arrived home from the Memphis Grizzlies first ever basketball game. Even though it was an exhibition game, it was played by both teams (Memphis and Portland) at a very high energy level.

The Grizzlies won by 4 points after being behind by 18 in the first half. Shane had a great game making three of four 3-pointers and capturing 6 steals. He guarded Scottie Pippin the entire game. Pippin finished with 2 points.

We're not sure about this, but we think Shane has been named as the team captain. He addressed the crowd before the game using a handheld microphone and told Memphis how excited the team was to be here, and promised that the Grizzlies would play harder than any team in the NBA; in return, he urged the fans to be the loudest crowd in the NBA.

Wow! It was as good as being in Cameron for a Carolina win....No kidding!

You guys have a great web site...keep it up!