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FITS Buzzes Over UNCCCP!

When freedom loving FITS got word of UNC Politburo chief Steve
Kirschner's ham handed attempt to regulate Inside Carolina's bulletin
board (by threatening to yank the site's media credentials), he headed
right over to Chapel Hill to see what the Associate Athletic Director
For Things Monumentally Stupid might be working on.

And while FITS doesn't wish to precisely disclose what he saw on the
aforementioned mogul's desk, he does wonder how Tar Heel fans will feel
about being required to sign a loyalty oath before they take their seats
in the Dean E. Smith Severely Limited Speech Center.

However, in a late (and utterly true) development, UNC's Associate Athletic
Director for Things Monumentally Stupid has been overruled by the
Chancellor of Retractions and Backpeddling.

As such, the Inside Carolina bulletin board is free to resume normal
operations without the threat of jihad, at least openly, from the UNC
athletic department.