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Gary By The Numbers

A few numbers to bear in mind from the Gary
article posted at ESPN Thursday:

  • Number of times the word Duke is mentioned: 27.
  • Number of times Gary Williams mentions the word Duke: 13
  • Number of times the word Maryland is mentioned: 12
  • Number of times Gary Williams mentions the word Maryland: 1
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Ok, one more number. What the heck, two more:

  • Rank in the ACC for graduation: 9th
  • Percentage graduating: 19%

That's progress!

Ok, let's wrap this up. Back to numbers first.

Gary says of the Duke game in College Park: "It wasn't a foul, I've got the tape to show you right
now. If Blake doesn't foul out then we win it. But when you play Duke those things happen."

We'd just like to point out that while Steve Blake has proved to be a
tremendously gutty guard and someone anyone who likes basketball can admire, by
that reasoning, 80% of Gary Williams' team on the floor failed. That's not
exactly overwhelming confidence! If we were one of the other players, we'd
be offended. Try this, Gary: "if my team could have kept the ball in
the last minute of that game, or if we had boxed Nate James out in the ACC or in
the Final Four, we could be ACC or maybe national champs."

Of recruiting, Gary says: "Most of those top 10 guys get cheated on anyway. Why do that? Why not be a coach instead of a used car salesman."

If people are cheating to sign Top 10 recruits, maybe someone could ask Gary
which of these players/schools are guilty: We see one or two in there we would
look at with a jaundiced eye, but that's it.

  1. Raymond Felton/UNC
  2. Shavlik Randolph/Duke
  3. Amare Stoudemire/ Memphis
  4. Lenny Cooke/uncommitted
  5. Shelden Williams/ Duke
  6. Evan Burns/UCLA
  7. Anthony Roberson/Florida
  8. Sani Ibrahim/?
  9. Bracey Wright/Indiana
  10. JJ Redick/Duke

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