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Praise For The Backcourt

People have made a lot out of what Tark said about Duke possibly having the
best backcourt ever. Andy
Katz iz the latest to pick up on that.
Let's see...Maryland had John
Lucas and Mo Howard and (we think) Brad Davis..that was pretty great. UNC
had Kenny Smith and Jordan, though we can't remember now if Jordan played more
guard or forward in college. State had Monroe and Corchiani, and Duke had
Dawkins and Amaker. We're not limiting it to the ACC; that's just what we
know best. Surely some of UCLA's backcourts were phenomenal.

What's really nice about this article though is the obvious mutual respect
between Williams and Duhon. One defers to the other, who asks the other to
step up. It sounds like Chip and Dale, the cartoon chipmunks, who work so hard
to be polite. Our favorite story about this is when Duhon tossed Williams
the ball at the end of the Arizona game because Jason had said his dream was to
throw the ball to the rafters at the end of a title game. No one would
have blamed Duhon had he done that himself, but by letting Williams do it, he
really built a bond. It's pretty amazing that two great players can work
together so well.