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Some Big 12 Notes

Many of us came to terms with huge tragedy recently, but in Stillwater,
tragedy came last season when part of the basketball program died in a plane
wreck. It
reopened the wounds
for Eddie Sutton, among others.

Incidentally, speaking of Sutton, the Big 12 has
really managed to get some solid coaches these days.
Check it out:

  • Sutton, OSU
  • Quin Snyder, Mizzou
  • Roy Williams, KU
  • Bob Knight, Texas Tech
  • Larry Eustachy, ISU
  • Barry Collier, Nebraska (wait and see)
  • Kelvin Sampson, Oklahoma
  • Rick Barnes, Texas

That's pretty damned impressive. By the way, anyone else think sparks
could fly between Barnes and Knight?