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Sour Grapes Patrol!

We'll talk more later about Shavlik Randolph choosing Duke and what it means,
but for right now, we'd just like to highlight some serious sour grapes from
some embittered UNC fans. The top one is probably the best, which
questions Shavlik's religious beliefs, slams K for cursing, and mentions
the UNC family rather prominently. A couple of points: 1) religion is
one's own business; 2) we haven't heard anyone yet say that Doherty doesn't
curse - he's referring to Dean Smith, which means he's living in the past,
which is great! - and 3) the UNC family ain't what it used to be. Others
go on to talk about how he could have been a hero at UNC or State (which doesn't
say much for UNC when you think about it), another talks about how Duke ruined
his life and got him drafted, and how he hopes Shav will not have a similar
experience, others call Coach K a liar, and so forth. Onanism is alluded

What this illustrates, (aside from possible inbreeding), is a side of UNC
fans Shavlik might not have expected: it's hard to get them fired up in the Dean
Dome for their team, but they can get awfully fired up when Duke is a

Theme: Religious faker, dirty player, cheater like all Duke players!
hi, I am astonished about the logjam for playing time and the idea that he claims being Christian is so important to him. Obviously, it's not too important if he'll play for the man who cannot keep expletives out of his speech for one second when he gets heated up. I guess they do have a Chapel on their campus though. Obviously, he is no smarter or true to his word than most kids at that age. The idea of playing for the defending champs and the biggest name coach were obviously the real factors. A wiser person (like one of us) would have factored in things like playing time and the UNC record in the NBA and the family atmosphere that all the ex-players here have. One also might factor in whether or not they wanted to play for a jerk or a nice person. Or a liar or someone who tells the truth. Obviously we don't want a kid like that anyway. I don't care how good he or Dunleavey is. I'll always be glad we didn't get either of them. Elitist, country club, private school, white flight kind of people have no place at UNC. Dook is perfect for their kind. Good riddance is all I can say. If we can get Fraser and Buckman, they will both take his punk-a** to school. He will soon develop into a dirty player under K though, so I hope our guys will be careful when we play them if they still have Dunleavey too. Someone is bound to get hurt.

Theme: I know what's best for him, and Duke ain't it!

I feel ill. It would be so classy for me to say, "gee Shav, you can't go wrong going to dook" but my poor old heart just can't go there. Shav isn't
necessarily making a mistake but he is not making his best choice. I do not wish him ill will, I hope he does well except when he plays UNC . I also
hope when he steps into the Dean Dome for his first game it hits him what a monumental mistake he made choosing the wrong shade of blue. He is
trading an opportunity to be a part of something big, the resurgence on Carolina Basketball under Matt Doherty for a chance to get himself a
National Championship on a loaded dook team before he leaves early for the NBA. He might not win a NC if he came here but he would have
something dook can't give. The mere membership in the classiest family in the basketball world, the University of North Carolina Tarheels!

That said, Brad Buckman, the door is standing wide open, walk on in and show Shav what could have been.

Theme: Duke can ruin your life if you have low self-esteem and get you
drafted too!

I can only relate my own experience here. I was no basketball star at my high school, not the resident genius, but my Senior year I allowed several
of my teachers and peers convince me to apply at dook as well as UNC. They were the only two schools I applied to. I'd been a UNC fan all my life
but thought I'd take the "mature" approach and not just cross off dook because my heart wasn't in their athletics. I was accepted at UNC but, to my
vast surprise, dook also accepted my application. With the urging of many of my teachers and peers I chose what was presented to me as the
"superior" school. I dropped out of dook the next February, was immediately made "1A" by the draft board (this was in 1967 after all) and ended up
with my four years going to the Air Force instead of college. Choosing dook was the biggest mistake of my life and it still hurts after more than 30
years. I don't think Randolf will experience the same put downs that a poor boy from Durham was exposed to all those years ago by a bunch of
snotty rich brats, but I do hope he can tell the difference between people that truely care for him and those that will want to just use him. I came to
terms with my mistake, overcame it, and made a good life for myself in the years that followed, so don't think I'm somehow looking for pity here. I
just hope, for his sake, that Randolf has not made a similar error in judgement. It's one that can haunt you for many, many years to come. And that,
my friends, is my two cents worth on the subject.

Theme: Loser!

My prediction: Shav will end up like Chris Burgess or Greg Newton.

Theme: Duke lies to everyone
yes, its just a question of who gets the short end of K's pack of recruiting lies. I wonder what big dreams he sold Casey Sanders on..

Theme: Onanism
The best quote though, and the one that makes me take consolation that he is not coming to UNC, is Shav's quote from his in-home with K,
something to the extent of "thomson will play center and K said that Shelden and I can play with each other".

If dook is where he wanted to go, best of luck. Look forward to kickin' his butt twice a year.

Theme: Just You Wait, 'Enry Iggins!
He'll have to get used to that for the rest of his life, not just in high school. "I coulda been somebody, I coulda been a contender..." He could have
followed in the footsteps of Jordan, Perkins, Worthy, Carter, Jamison, Stackhouse, etcetera, etcetera. etcetera. But alas he chose to play for Dook
and hence languish in obscurity with the rest of the Dookie "greats" like Laettner, and many others too numerous to mention and too mediocre to
remember. So long Shav, we hardly knew ye

Theme: Sick To My Stomach

The one thing that makes me sick about this whole Shav situation is that we pulled out all the stops to get this kid. We did everything possible you
could do to get someone to come to your school. He got to meet MJ and continue to enjoy the scene at UNC. Not saying he shouldnt have been able
to but, it just makes me sick that Coach D broke his back over and over trying to get this guy in a UNC uniform. Everything seemed in our favor with
Williams taking that last scholarship at Duke and I couldnt see Shav going to Duke and making that other kids parents pay for school. Its not a shock
that he chose Duke but, its just makes me sick to my stomach to know we went all out and came up short. But, now that its over hopefully we will
get the last laugh.

Theme: Campus disdain!
ech...I honestly have no idea how a kid from NC could possibly want to go to Duke...I've been to that campus ain't pretty...yech...

Theme: We're still better

David Thompson went to State. We'll survive. We've only got commitments from the best point guard and one of the two or three best shooting
guards in the class. Add in any two of the five or so big men we're still recruiting, plus an incoming class *this* year far superior to dook's
(Williams, Manuel, Scott) and I like our chances. Remember, K only needed to sign a six-man class next year because he whiffed on almost all his
major targets this year.

Theme: Could have been a hero, but

As for Shav, I hope he likes being booed. I would have rather have seen him go to NC State, where he could have been a real hero and made a
difference, rather than UNJ-D.

Theme: He threw it all away
You're right, better State than Duke. A NC kid going to Duke... he might as well go to Oregon State. All the huge alumni and family base at either
school and he throws it all away for nothing.