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Several Cool Duke Links!

Here are some Duke articles worth passing on: first, now that the kids from
the Chronicle are back in business (we missed you guys!), there are several
stories, including
a review of the Clemson game
, an article about Nate
' starring role in that game, another
article about depth,
and an article about recruit
Michael Thompson.

A couple of points about the depth article. The writer apparently
didn't know that Nick Horvath has a lengthy recuperation ahead after his foot
injury. He also seems somewhat unaware of the players on the team, calling
Christensen and Sanders "experienced centers." Christensen?
Maybe. But he's dealing with a balky knee. Sanders is in no way, shape or
form expeienced. As Johnny Dawkins pointed out, he has only played for
about four years, and he has grown like a weed during that time as well.
Last year he was so skinny his shorts barely stayed up. And in addition to
that, he's not a kid who grew up playing or watching basketball. He started
playing, as best we can tell, because life gave him a gift. But his
parents as you probably know are artistically inclined, and it's not like ESPN
was blaring from birth.

Anyway, not to knock Casey, but people need to be realistic. He's got a lot
of catching up to do. He's a great kid, and working hard, and he's very
talented. He's also extemely raw. So give him time to advance.
When people are young and learning, it's smarter to be supportive, which we
would say about the columnist as well.

As we've said before, none of us are in the locker room, and we may think
that this or that is obvious, but what's obvious from here may be foolish from

In one other article, not from the Chronicle but from the Norfolk Pilot,
here's an article on how Jason
Williams is silencing his critics
. In one of the dumbest e-mails we got last
year, right after the first New York game, someone wrote in and a) said he was
overrated, and b) said it was our fault he played poorly because we had hyped
him. Seems pretty obvious now that Jason doesn't need hype.