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A Reader on Les Brown

We got this one in the mailbag and wanted to pass it along. Thanks, Sid!:

Hi guys.......just saw your write-up of Les Brown re: "The Dance of the
Blue Devils". Thought I would let you know that I have the CD Les Brown
& The Duke Blue Devils
, part of the Jazz Collector Edition, a
LaserLight Digital edition, via Digital Music Inc., 2275 S. Carmelina
Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90064.

Also, many years ago, during my Air Force career, Les and his orchestra
played a dance at the Officer's Club at my then-current base of
assignment, and his son, just recently graduated from Duke, was playing
with him......he most graciously agreed to play the Alma Mater for our
party at the club.

"The Dance of the Blue Devils" is of course included on the above
mentioned CD, which has a pic of the band and of Les at the time.

Hope this helps anyone wishing to get a copy of the CD.


Sid Einbinder, T'49