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Majerus To Take Rest Of Season Off

When Ken and Chris Burgess decided Chris would be better off at Utah than
Duke, obviously one of the big reasons was obviously Rick Majerus.  This
has been a lost season for Majerus, having had knee and heart surgery, and now,
his mother ailing with cancer and facing significant rehab, he's
electing to spend the winter and spring with Mrs. Majerus.

For Burgess, this means first of all that he'll essentially have had three
college coaches, Krzyzewski, Majerus, the assistant who is running things now,
and Majerus when he comes back.  And as it has turned out, his transfer, so
far at least, probably hasn't worked out as well as he would have hoped. His
statistics are essentially the same as they were at Duke, and his free throw
shooting has actually gotten worse, which is saying something.

Best of luck to him, but right now it looks like events have conspired
against him.  And when we saw him play against Wyoming, he didn't look as
if he had improved significantly. His back may be part of that (Burgess had
serious problems with his back this summer).  Regardless, none of this is
good news for Burgess.