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Arizona - Imploding?

Things just keep going south in Tucson. The season more or less a
disaster at 8-5 - for a comparison, NC
State is 8-4,
and we're not knocking State, but 8-5 is not where Arizona
thought they would be. Try 13-0. Loren Woods goes nuts with a
referee. Lute Olson takes a leave of absence to be with his wife. Mrs.
Olson dies. What else could happen?

Well how about a
captain being told to stay at home?
That's right, Eugene Edgerson, aka
Captain Funk, was told by Jim Rosborough to stay home. Unhappy over his role,
Edgerson has apparently become a problem.

Things were disappointing before, but with two out of three captains having
serious issues (Woods is also a captain), the coach suffering tragedy, what else
could possibly go wrong?