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Ty's Mom - Eddie Smacked Ty In The Locker Room

According to our old pal Steve Politi, who spoke to Ty Shine's mother, here's
what happened in the Seton Hall locker room: Eddie
Griffin gave Ty Shine a shiner.

This isn' the first time that Griffin
has fought with a teammate, of course. The 6-9 rookie, who is having a
sensational debut year in college hoops, also slugged a teammate in high school
last year. He was kicked out of the parochial school he attended last
season, Philly's Roman Catholic (which produced former Terp Reggie Jackson) and
had to finish school at home.

Griffin has acknowledged he has a temper. He'd better grow up
quickly. Our guess is Tommy puts up with it once (he's suspended Griffin
for tonight's Notre Dame game against fellow former Dukie Mike Brey). As
talented as he is, if the NBA gets the idea that he's a hothead, three things
will happen:

  1. his draft standing will fall
  2. the other players will bait him endlessly
  3. the refs will make his life miserable