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Great (?) Scott!

Dan Scott, a correspondent for TigerNet (an Internet site devoted to Clemson sports) attended Sunday's game and penned a column in which he variously termed the Cameron Crazies "stale," "rusty," and (Heaven forbid) "ordinary." Needless to say that hit a nerve among many Duke fans, especially on our bulletin board and in e-mails to Mr. Scott (over 60 according to his count), who vigorously informed him that the Duke students were still on break and that the stands were predominantly filled by non-student locals.

To his credit, Dan has posted his reply on our bulletin board under the topic "Note from the Author." Duke fans have also posted under "Cameron Crazies Overrated" and "Earth to TigerNet" if you would like to read those comments.

We're glad to hear that Dan intends to visit Cameron again to see if his remarks were indeed in error. We hope all Duke fans greet him warmly when he does, and we offer him some fair warning: Dan, you said knees were in your back on a cramped press row. Some battle-hardened reporters will easily attest that that ain't nothing compared to the spittle in your hair and echoing in your ears when the students are there. Enjoy your return visit, and thanks for being a good sport!