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ACC Roundup

Last night's Big Game turned out to be a
great one,
a classic ACC
, as UNC upset Wake Forest (that probably
hasn't happened since Dean Smith's early years) on a Brendan Haywood

After a couple of games where he disappeared, essentially, Haywood gets the gold
for his performance here: 24 points and 10 boards and the
Wake Forest's streak is over, the dominance by UNC continues, and
life spins on around the ACC sun the way it has for almost 40 years - well, at
least with regards to Wake Forest and UNC.

Up in
State tried to write a new ending to an old story, but the same
ending came up again
- foul trouble, lost lead, lost
Herb Sendek called the foul-trouble "mind
an oblique yet pointed comment to the referees for which he
can't be fined. In another interesting sideline to this game, Sendek says
that Damon Thornton will not start at all this season.

And up at Maryland, the Terps ran
the Yellowjackets and don't look now but the Terps have now won 10
straight. A lot of cream puffs, yes, but nonetheless, they are back as
players and will move up in the polls accordingly. Terence Morris'
recovery continues (his game was sick, not Morris) and he had 19
points and 13 boards.