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ACC Roundup

Today's ACC slate sees three
big games,
with Tech at Maryland in the afternoon, State
at Virginia in the evening
(8), and the big finale, Wake
at UNC
in the nightcap. Everyone is buzzing about the Wake-UNC game, but of
course the other two are just about as interesting. Tech gave UNC a
tremendous game before UNC's size and superior talent prevailed, and they will
go up and down the floor with the Terps. And while UVa has been made the
favorite against State,
Kenny Inge thinks the Pack matches up well with the Hoos.
State has
had an inconsistent early season to say the least, but this is a good chance to
make some amends, and UVa
may be shellshocked
.. Also they are healthier than they have been in a
while as well. There's a good bit about Duke-Clemson in the previous
article but we'll return to that.

The Tech-Maryland game threatens
to be a blur
, as both play similar
fast-paced styles
, rushing up and down the court, pressing and breaking. As
will be the case most of the year, they will have less talent, but they have
shown they work harder than most other teams. Incidentally, here's an
article about Bobby Cremins' broadcasting career.

But still, today comes back to the big game in Chapel Hill, a place where
Wake has only one once since 1982, the game, where if we remember correctly,
Randolph Childress started chunking threes like they were nothing. Dave
Odom says that UNC is much improved since getting the part-time footballers
Peppers and Curry to spice things up. It's one of the most anticipated
games we can remember for a while. For Wake, it's a chance to stake a claim to
legitimacy, because even if they're good and better than UNC and so on, there's
a legitimacy for Wake conferred by beating UNC. Conversely, it UNC wins,
they reclaim their place in the firmament, and Wake takes a step back. Early though it is, there's no question in our mind that
this is a very key game.