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Reader Takes On Wake vs. UNC!

Here are some reader takes on the UNC-Wake game this weekend! Thanks guys!


From Jeff

Forte is going to get his points so hopefully they won't throw so many people at him that it opens it up for everyone else. As long as Howard doesn't get into foul trouble he'll give Forte a lot of problems. Howard has the quickness to stay with Forte, and more importantly, he has the wingspan to cause altered shots.

The game presents a lot of interesting match-ups including Lang/Songaila. Songaila will not be able to "mangle" Lang and it remains to be seen if he has the quickness to get around him. Capel could be the key to the Heels because he could go off against Scott.

Bottom line, I'm pulling for the Deacs but they have yet to be road tested, (I'm not counting a poor Temple squad). I remain impressed with what they have done already, but they match up well against a shorter UVA team. The match-ups are much different against UNC.

This game will prove to me whether Wake is really going to challenge Duke for the league title.

From Cliff

Hi guys!

I can talk a little bit about Wake with it being my alma mater and all.
Dawson, Scott, Murray, and Howard all were dying to got to UNC. UNC refused
scholarships to all 4 (seems crazy, especially with Dawson being
Stackhouse's nephew and all). That is enough motivation for them, don't you
think? How bad do you think UNC would like to have Scott, and athletic post
player who can run and dunk, Murray, a very solid performer, or Dawson, who
would have been a great compliment to Forte, and Howard, enough said? This
is UNC still suffering from Dean's decisions.

I do think Haywood will have a big game. Even though Wake's frontline has
bulk, they are not that tall. He should have the opportunity to play well,
as always. But, if Forte does not go for 30, then Wake should win with the
deep and balanced attack they have. UNC played there best half of the
season in the 2nd half against Wake at the Dean Dome last year. Forte went
nuts. Wake will win big 85-68 or 78-71. Either way, Wake just has to many
weapons, and it will depend on how many threes Wake makes to decide the
margin of victory!

From Jeffrey

I would be surprised if this game is actually close. The mere fact, however, that it occurs in Chapel Hill puts the score at 10-0 UNC before the game even starts.

Carolina's spotty (at best) guard play, and Heywood's remarkable ability to disappear, should play right into Wake's hands. Wake is playing the best ball in the conference right now. As they haven't played the schedule we have, it's hard to say they're playing better, but, a strong argument could still be made.

I just think that Wake's inside play, (and the number of bodies they can throw at Heywood and Lang) coupled with their superior guard play, will win out in the end. Of course,we all know too well how the Heels have been able to manufacture wins at home.

Win the battle on Forte, and Wake wins this one big.

From Scott

I would say the game will go like many Wake/ UNC games of the past.
Wake jumps out to a big first half lead and UNC chips away at it in the
second half. Not enough time for this comeback however as Wake wins by 5

From Michael

Heels fan here.

No comment on the game....just the article you linked: 

Notice anything missing from that article? No mention of Robert O'Kelly.
This is symbolic of the fact that Wake is no longer a one man show and that
is the biggest reason why they are undefeated.