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Wake's Wonderful Wide

The Herald-Sun has a long and very nice article on Wake
Forest's wonderful season so far
. And what a ride it has been. They were
gorgeous against UVa the other night, and we couldn't help but think that this
team would have a wonderful matchup with Michigan State. Wake is big
enough in the frontcourt, they play, solid defense all around, and on top of
that their guards are pretty healthily sized, too. And point
guard play
has been another strong suit for the Deacs.

But since they don't play the Spartans, and ACC play is set to begin, they do
play UNC. What do you guys think of this game? Can you remember UNC being an
underdog to Wake? Not by the polls but in reality? . We're
not sure yet what to expect, so tell us what you think.
The one thing we do know is between Murray, Howard, and Dawson, they have a lot
of guys to throw at Forte.