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The Emerging NCAA Policy On The Web - Better Read This

One of the reasons we long ago decided to be very careful about who we handle
recruiting coverage and things like interviewing recruits (see our past comments) is because the NCAA
can very easily decide that a web site is a booster operation and the school,
through no fault of its own, will be held liable for someone's behavior who has
no real connection with the program.  If it is within our power to prevent
that, we have every intention of doing so.

Mike Sullivan has a column up which
bears out this long-held concern.
The relevant paragraph:

"Even further down the road, the NCAA is worried about fringe
"websites." These websites carry the impression they are part of the
regular media when in fact they are nothing more than shills for a particular
program. Several websites are under the watchful eye of the NCAA and the
information is being gathered, according to one coach we spoke to who has
contacts at the NCAA."

So in other words, if you run a site, you had better be very careful. 
They are also looking at e-mail and instant messaging. Good luck in controlling that. 

The broader article follows up on a Dave Telep piece about the NCAA
investigating July recruiting.