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Coach Doh Groks The T-Shirts

There's a story up on ESPN about Matt
Doherty and the r year he's turned in at UNC so far.
We thought he
might be a pretty good coach last year, when he rekindled Notre Dame, but he has
done a solid job at UNC, and while we'd like to see him cry in an unhappy
way on Thursday, facts are facts, so hats off to

There are also two quotes in that article which are really interesting, one in general, where he said (when he was a player at UNC) that "I think Duke fans are a bunch of Northeasterners who study too much and don't show a lot of class -- and release it on the players...They're not that clever."

Would the flipside of this be that he was Northeasterner who didn't study enough? Just asking!

The other quote, though, warmed our hearts as you might imagine:

"I heard that they have T-shirts printed up with a list of coaches who said 'no' to Coach (Dean) Smith this past summer," Doherty told ESPN. "There's Coach Williams' name with a line through it. 'Larry Brown' with a line through it and then 'George Karl' and 'Eddie Fogler', too. That's a pretty good way of pointing out that I was the school's fifth or sixth choice to replace Coach Guthridge."