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ACC Roundup

battle of the undefeateds is over,
and Wake has really
made a statement,
as they went
over, around and through Virginia
like they were no
obstacle at all.
They beat
pretty much as badly as they beat Kansas and for that matter pretty
much like UVa beat Tennessee, only worse. This is beginning to look like a
dream season for Wake Forest, and we're starting to wonder not just how they
would match up with Duke (should be at least two great games) but also Stanford
and Michigan State.

Songaila was tremendous last night
. Wake's school record for a win
streak is 20, and they are within range of that at 17. No one is going
undefeated in the ACC this season, but Wake and Duke seem to be at the head of
the class. How good were they last night? Well they reminded us a bit of
the Hill-Hurley-Laettner team. Future pros are not in abundance at Wake, but
teamwork is superb and confidence is sky high. These guys, if they keep at
this level, have a tremendous shot at the Final Four.

Down in Atlanta, against a team with only two players over 6-7, Brendan
Haywood scored zip,
nada, none
, and the Haywood Futures Watch figures that feckless performance
will drive his selection down by a position or two and cost him a ton of
money. UNC won anyway, but it's hard to see how a guy as big and skilled
as he is failed to even scratch.

It was an interesting and in some ways weird game. UNC looked dominant
early, then Tech absolutely stormed back, playing some phenomenal defense and
going on a 20-2 run.

In the second half it was reversed as UNC in turn stormed back, including 8
points in two trips downcourt. Can anyone tell us why UNC got the ball
back after Forte was fouled while shooting? We didn't understand the ruling.

Of course it was the ACC
debut for Doherty and for Hewitt.
So far Doherty 1, Hewitt 0. But Tech
showed a lot of grit last night.

And while Brendan Haywood had a truly feckless performance, Terence
Morris finally got it going
, lighting up Clemson
in Death Valley.

One thing jumps out at you straightaway: the score. Clemson either ran with
Maryland is is running more now than they used to. Nonetheless, Maryland,
ostensibly an elite team, gave
up 56 first half points
. Gary was still fuming after the game.