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How to be a Dukie for Eternity

Here's your chance to be enshrined in the archives of Duke University for all eternity. As you know, we and the Insiders Report are running a contest for the most memorable story about attending a Duke game in person. The winner receives tickets to the McDonald's All-American game to be held in Cameron Indoor Stadium. Submissions should be 500 words or less. Here's the cool part....

Much to our surprise and delight, the Duke University Archivist William King has offered to collect and store your submissions for future generations. So, sometime in the year 3714, a researcher in anthropology or ancient civilizations will be reading and puzzling over your accounts of Dickie V, "Who's Your Daddy?," green shorts, and some guy named Ademola Okulaja beating himself. So send us your memories, and we'll make sure that they are recorded for posterity in the archives of Duke University.

We'd also recommend you take your own trip into the past by visiting the Duke University Archives Web Site. You'll find great articles and pictures on the Cameron Crazies and Cameron Indoor Stadium, such as a biography on Eddie Cameron, the evolution (mutation?) of the Blue Devil from a clown to a cranially engorged smiley face, Terry Sanford's avuncular letter (please forward to College Park), and the plans for a (gasp) dome on Duke's campus. Great stuff!

Many thanks to the University Archives for its kind offer.