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Yow, Williams Issue Statements

Following up on President Mote's letter, Debbie Yow and Gary Williams have
both issued statements
about the events after the game this weekend in Cole
Field House.  Yow reveals that some fans have begun to put ice and
batteries in the newspapers they toss at opposing teams after the introductions.
She promises a number of initiatives to address the situation, to be unveiled
later this week, among them, no more paper tossing.

Gary says it shows a lack of class and that it also shows a lack of class to
shout obscenities when there are children nearby.

The President, the AD, and the Coach have all publicly addressed the issue.
We hope that the changes are sincere, immediate, and long-lasting. If they don't work, they could always try putting the students as far from the court as possible. It's radical and not desirable, but if it makes it harder to attack people, it works for us.