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The Anticipation Is The Sweetest Thing

Let the hype begin! The
buildup to THE BIG GAME is well underway,
and not a moment too soon, given,
in the delicate phrase used by our elder southerners, the Recent Unpleasantness.

The N&R has a
nice column up on the rivalry
and are also kind enough to mention our site
and the auction for UNC tickets, which brought a record for game tickets
auctioned at $5,250.  As noted, we auctioned three UNC
tickets last year (in two auctions actually) for $5,050. T hanks for the pub!

Frank Dascenzo also has a column up extolling
UNC's composure
and praises Doherty's debut season.   Certainly he
has done an amazing job, and we feel better for praising him last season as a
rising star and for picking UNC second in the conference and Maryland third. So
far, pretty much on target, though UNC could make a move towards 1st obviously.

The remarkable thing about this team is how completely Ron Curry has escaped
Ed Cota's shadow.  Always celebrated as a passer, Cota was slammed as a
defender by everyone from us to Dean Smith.  Curry has completely
revitalized UNC's defense.