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More Maryland Links And An Outraged Maryland Fan

A.J. Carr of the N&O has an article up on the Duke-Maryland game and the
big comeback.
The Chronicle has several articles, including one
on the bonfire.
another game
and one
on Mrs. Boozer's injury.
That one mentions the Sgt. James
story, which we had mistakenly wrote was last season when in fact it was two
seasons ago, and points out that that the ACC did nothing. Let's hope for a
better result. If not a concussion, perhaps a murder would cause a stir in the
ACC monolith by the golf course and get some of those slack clowns in off the
greens. The Baltimore Sun has a followup as well,
and blames the
officiatiing. Here's one from the Maryland student paper, about
the crowd issue mostly
, and another
about the game.

We've gotten several letters like that, and as you may know, we
don't comment on the officiating unless it is pretty much a last-second call,
like if Battier had fouled Dixon on the block and it had been called. We
just have always felt that losing a game and talking about the officiating is a
really bad idea. Incidentally, there are new stories linked on the
Maryland game report as well.

We also got this very nice letter from a Maryland fan. Thanks Lee! It's
so good to hear this after reading some of the same things you did.

Not that this is any consolation for what transpired on Saturday night, but
as a Maryland fan, I wanted to tell you all that there are plenty of us who
are disgusted by the behavior of the Maryland students. I am a long time
Terrapin Club member and basketball season ticket holder. I have written
this morning to Debbie Yow and Gary Williams, and I have every intention of
withdrawing my financial support if something is not done to address this
dangerous and embarrassing situation. My anger with what happened in the
game was quickly replaced by anger at the students, when I saw objects being
thrown towards the Duke bench. My anger has only grown since Saturday
night, when I see the excuses on the Maryland board (they baited us, don't
show us up in our house, etc...) I assure you that these types of absurd
opinions are not espoused by the majority of Maryland fans. I wish Mrs.
Boozer a quick and speedy recovery, and I sincerely hope that Debbie Yow
takes immediate action to correct this inexcusable behavior and issues a
formal apology to Mrs. Boozer and Duke University.