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Here Comes The Evil Empire!

We're pleased to announce a nice kickoff to the UNC game buildup with the
conclusion of the ticket auction: two tickets to the UNC game this Thursday went
for a total of 5,250.00, which is pretty damn good. Congratulations to the
winner. You know who you are! Now on to the main attraction!

Albert Lin of CNNSI is saying that this is the
finest rivalry in sports
, and we're inclined to agree with him. We
haven't been inside the others of course, but it's hard to imagine anything
being more intense. We say the same thing every year: this is our Easter,
our rebirth, and both sides are incredibly lucky to have the other to make it
work. So here's hats off to the Heels, and thanks for being our dance partners,
and maybe we can all join in saying: God, we treasure this rivalry.

And then let's start stepping on each other's toes!