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ACC Roundup

The dominant story of the ACC, aside from the buzz from the Duke-Maryland
game, is still Anthony Grundy's arrrest. As you doubtless know by now, he
was arrested and charged with assault last night, and the question was whether
or not he'd play vs. UNC today. He'll

Normally in situations like this the victim doesn't say much, particularly if
she is pressing charges. However, Makazi Ife Mtingwa gave the News and
a fairly detailed account
of her allegations.

How will all of this affect today's
Who knows. But it's hard to see how it could be a positive for
State, and certainly isn't for Grundy.

skid continues
, losing a game they certainly could have won to
. A team which looked like a Final Four contender early (as
did Maryland for much of last night), the Deacs are threatening to pull a repeat
of last year. The good news is a) they are probably already in the tourney as
long as they don't lose everything, and b) Roderick Hicks had his second great
game in a row. He may be emerging as a major factor, which would be great.

UVa's defense
woke up against Clemson
, which is also good news. though surely not for
Clemson. and think about this: Duke, UNC, Maryland, and Wake have all played at
a Final Four level this season (at times), and UVa has not been that far behind at

And in Atlanta, Tech continues to impress, not that beating
is that impressive, but they are winning a lot more than anyone really
thought they could. Admit it - you had a 2-3 year plan for the Jackets, didn't
you? We sure did. But Hewitt
is in a hurry
and won't wait that long. He's
getting better results out of Alvin Jones
than we thought possible, the Duke
meltdown aside. Don't look now, but Tech has passed Wake and UVa in the ACC

The rest of their schedule is just brutal - at UNC, Maryland at home, at
Wake, State at home, at Duke, Clemson at home, at FSU. Ok, not all of that
is brutal. But enough is.

If they can win their home games, and win FSU on the road, given their
schedule, we think they're in the tournament.