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Mrs. Boozer Update - It's A Concussion

Here's the latest fallout from the Maryland skirmish - we've learned from Mr. Boozer, who posted it on our board, that Mrs. Boozer has a
concussion and will have to miss some work.  And apparently Duke fans
pointed out the person who threw the bottle, who was apparently very proud of
himself, but security declined to intervene.

We've been checking out some Maryland board postings, and someone had the
nerve to suggest Mrs. Boozer taunted Maryland fans and somehow
"deserved" it.  What a load that is.

We've met Mrs. Boozer, and she is one of the quietest people you could ever
meet.  You'd see J.D. Salinger taunting someone at a public event before
she did.

As we said before, if you want to express your displeasure about the continuing lack of control in Cole, we would suggest writing to Maryland Athletic Director Deborah Yow and to Maryland's President, C. D. Mote. As always, we urge you to be courteous and temperate in your remarks.